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5:56 pm
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Just returned back from Teluk Intan where I attended my grandma's funeral (mother's side) A bit weird cause just 10 days ago my uncle (also mother's side) passed away and my mom had to go back there.
My grandma's death was quite a sudden one so it was quite unexpected to everyone. But i was nvr really close to her due to my lack of linguistic skills. Anyway, I learn quit a bit about chinese funeral this time.

Funeral day
Misc stuff
So that is all.... still quite exhausted from all the travelling. To make things worst, i had a bad case of food poisoning before returning home.Have to finish physics and chem practical report, class profile and chem source all before thurs.
Oh, and i still owe pei chern a drawing to repay 40 cents.... so sad le have to keep borrowing money. Somemore i feel very bad when ppl say i don't need to return them.
Luckily I can draw to compensate them (well... my drawing should be worth at least 40 cents....)