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Seriously, does publishing something on the Internet make it a less credible information? That's what my teachers seem to think so.
My teachers still insist that I get hard copy books even though I found some e-books. Which is annoying. Why is it that the exact same publication can become less credible when it becomes an e-book. The content wasn't change nor the information inside. So why is it that e-books are still considered a secondary source when the wording in the e-book and the hard copy book is exactly the same??
They also think that getting information from official magazine sites are not as reliable.
Seriously, they can't be serious.
(All the information that I collected comes from official newspaper sites (eg: BBC, The Guardian), magazine sites (New Scientist, Nature) and ebook sites (which our Taylors Library promotes like crazy, making me wonder why they even bother to advertise it when their teachers don't consider them as primary sources))

So in 20 years to come where everything is paperless I guess all the information in the world is going to be considered a secondary source (meaning: NOT RELIABLE source) to them. I really can't understand them.

Therefore, for future reminder for myself and to ppl reading this: When doing projects that need you to cite sources, the more book sources you have, the more marks you get.
The Internet is really just a useless whirlpool of information for projects in the eyes of some teachers.