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well.... it's beena long time since i blogged.. And many things have happened.

I failed my driving test. Only the jalan raya part though. I turned into the wrong lane and was failed (which is my fault) Will be sitting again this coming Wednesday.

Next, I found a kitten!!! It's a siamese looking cat. Unfortunately it's male. I hate male cats cause they look so boxy when they grow up (their face looks like a box.. ) And if you don't neuter them, they will kencing all over your house... Sheesh....
But my kitten it's cute. And it has a name: MILO. Cause the fur look like milo color and i wanted something that started with "mi" as my former cat was named "mi-ka" This kitten is pretty smart though. It knew how to open the cage door!!! It will wrap the paw around the door and push it upwards... then it'll crawl in between the space. Now, I don't even bother putting it in the cage. It wouldn't run out of the main gate for some reason.

Next, I just went for the JPA interview. And I kinda screwed it up (don't think i'll be getting the scholarship) The BM part was the worst for me. I enjoyed the discussion though (hahahha... and the interviewers at least looked slightly interested in our discussion so i guess it was ok) I got the qw: Reality TV brings negative influence to teenagers. Do you agree?
I disagree as reality tv can be educational. Like Amazing race, they showed us different cultures around the world and nifty informations that sometimes cannot be obtained from guidebooks or documentaries. Another point was that shows like American Idol or Malaysian Idol gave us, the commonfolk, an opportunity to display our talents and to become a singer or an actor.
Out of 5 ppl, 2 ppl disagreed and 3 ppl agreed. Another girl (on the same side as me) said that reality tv gives teenagers the motivation on to reach their ambitions and make us become more determined and brave people.
The opposing ppl gave these points: Reality TV doesn't really show ppl's talent as most contests are determined by number of SMS and so on. Another was that it makes teenagers become addicted to it and reality TV has a lot of bad words in it. One more was that TV can make you shortsighted and so on.
I said that bad words not only come from TV but from everyday life. We usually learn these words from our friends instead of TV. I also said that reality tv really do help ppl become stars as music producers will be watching these shows and eventhough they don't win, they will be employed by these ppl (wahahhaha... and i gave Jennifer Hudson as an example (thank you to The Star for advertising her so much!!!!)) The girl on the same side with me also said that short sightedness can be caused by many other reasons and not only reality tv. She also said that most reality tv shows only air once or twice a week. So it's quite hard to be addicted to it (specifically).

Then when the others wanted to counter, the interviewers said ok... it's time already. They said they had other work to do (for example: eat) and have to stop here.
We said thank you and goodbye then leave.
So it was alright... I like that debate. It was fun to think of ways to counter ppl's arguments...

(no kitty cat photos as my computer sucks and can't upload photos)