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4:38 pm
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next week got maths, bio and physics common test 2.
and i haven't even study anything finish!!!!!!

Chem common test was just... mad. How are we supposed to do like super bionic robots that no need time to think (although there was a guy sitting beside me who managed to finish the WHOLE paper about 10-5 minutes before the time end.... CRAZY!1!)
Anyway, most probably i didn't do too well.

As for English.... GRRRRRR!!!!!!!
That teacher nvr tell us there was notes online! And such a coincidence that not one of my classmates mention it to me! (there were many ppl who didn''t know there were notes online) His annoucement went along the lines of:
"pls be reminded that your oral is next week"
"ps: thank ******* for preparing the notes on religious issues. She's such an angel"
How in the world it translate to:
"There are notes in BB6. Pls read it for the oral"???????

GRRRRRRRR!!!! And he NEVER tell us that the oral is 100% of our report card!!!! WARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, my little milo is extra naughty! And i think his IQ is going downwards. Last time I thought he so smart cause he could respond to it's name. Now.... call 100 times also nvr come.
Hahahhahaa... and i put him to the mirror test. They (scientists) said that if the animal is smart, when shown a reflection of it self, it should be able to recognize that it is their own reflection and thus ignore it. When I show my cat the mirror..... he straight away jump up and hiss like a mad cat. Hahahhaha... he kept on looking at the mirror and was so confused when i took the mirror away!
I shall put him to the cadaver test next....