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SPM results!
8:19 am
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Disappointed, devastated, shocked, flabbergasted, frustrated, sorrowful, sad, stupefied, dumbfounded, thwarted, unhappy, joyless, heart broken, woeful, deplorable. None of these words can describe what i'm feeling right now.
Because I'm actually happy and sad at the same time. Stupid eh?
I'm happy cause I got an A1 for subjects I didn't think I could and yet sad because I got an A2 for a subject that I am supposed to be good at and B3 for the stupidest subject in the world, EST.

EST is freaking stupid. Is it supposed to be a language subject or a science subject? This simple question could not even be answered by my EST teacher. According to my EST teacher, you were supposed to copy paste everything in the transfer of information. Doesn't matter if the sentence got grammar or spelling mistakes. Just copy paste like parrot. And for the essay... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! You were supposed to use the words they give you as it is. No changing the tenses or spelling, no changing the order of the words. As long as you use it as it is with full of grammar mistake, you shud get an A1.
Well... that is all pure nonsense.
I shouldn't have followed my teacher's advise at all. So naive!! She didn't know what she was talking about. So dumb!
Now I regret. I should have taken Economics in place of EST also better. Stupid hell!

As for bio.... I do not know where I could have gone wrong! (actually I can't even remember the qws inside the paper...) ARGHHHHHHH!!! I WANT AN A1!!!

Shitty bio and est.
As for my results, i got 9a1, 1a2 and 1b3. I guess you can figure out which one got the a2.
ARGHHHH!!! (sry to be rambling about it so long! i just need to vent)