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Rude people
5:18 am
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Today, I went to Taylors to use The Web. I don't usually go to Taylors specifically to use the web since i have a computer and internet at home but my computer didn't allow me to upload items therefore I had to use the web.
Since this was my first time going to the Web during holidays, I didn't know what time it close and so on. I tried finding the time at their student portal but my com didn't support Macromedia Flash. So what the heck, I went to taylors anyway since i had to submit my SPM results too.
I stopped by the Web first and I noticed some students using the computer.
There was this ugly woman in taylors uniform packing some stuff. When I went in, she straightway said "clothes". I was like "HUH?" Then she ignored me. Then I said "Is it close?" She still ignore me.
Then I ask "When does it close?" Then she said "Go read it at the door!" half shouting in my face. All the students inside were also surprise (i found out most students were shutting down their coms already)
Stupid woman. Cannot pronounce properly some more want to scold people. Even if her voice was naturally loud (which is very unlikely) her face was i'm-so-freaking-pissed-cause-i-just-ate-crap-kind-of-face. If she is the wife of a multi million or billionaire then yes... u can scream and shove ppl around cause money is power (if she is a wife of some rich tycoon... i don't think she would be working in Taylors or caught dead in a fugly yellow Taylors shirt)
Bloody hell... When you are working, you are supposed to maintain a professional attitude no matter how crappy your day is (maybe the MPSJ workers that sweep the floor no need professional attitude la... even I knew to be smiley always when working).But that woman is supposed to be the face of TAYLORS COLLEGE!! The most freaking expensive college here. My fees of RM20,000 is supposed to pay this freaking rude staff? If i had a digital camera, I would snap a photo of the bloody rude woman.