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A levels? an exclusive gang?
10:56 am
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Hmmm.... i do not know why but some of the members in my club from A levels really seem cold and distant. I mean... hmmm.. they use proper pronunciation and punctuation in MSN Messenger!
I mean they are way too serious. Everything they say or do must have a purpose.
Heck, and I thought that A levels is supposed to be more relaxed since their exams don't count for anything. That is the reason why they can join most of the clubs right?
People join clubs to have fun! But unfortunately, most Malaysians students join clubs to have something to fill up in their university application form.
It's pathetic as it is sad. Now most clubs' main agenda is the Committee Selection meeting where the most members will gathered. Subsequent meetings after that, most members don't show up unless they are a committee member or they are truly passionate about the club's purposes.

Now I know why my brother didn't join any clubs. If you can't relax and have fun in clubs, what is the point of joining them anyway?
Oh, joining clubs to fill up university application forms is really a useless thing to do. Unless you did something fantastic like organized a run and raised RM10,000, there is really no point in putting down any co-curricular activities in your form. Most universities will look at your results and equally as important is, no not co curricular activities, but if you can afford to pay the fees.
Yeah, some may say that they join games and clubs to get scholarship, but that's crap too. Most universities has a limited amount of scholarships. And while you may think you are outstanding, there are 10000 people just as outstanding as you and another 100000 ppl more outstanding than you.
So the probability of getting a scholarship is next to zero (unless you are the top student in your whole program in the whole world.. which is can only be one person.)

So, going back to the topic of A level students, I feel that they don't really fool around. I'm the "cincai-cincai" kind of person and I don't really care much about cracking lame ass jokes. Whenever I talk to them, I feel like they are looking down on me. Maybe I stepped on their toes or perhaps I played around too much. I shall act totally professional this time. Maybe that only applies to the students in my club though.

Oh... I just realized, my punctuation and spelling is almost near perfect in this entry. No more small letters in the beginning of sentences! No more stupid ridiculous sentences!
I think mixing with them has actually brought benefit to me!
A levels students are so smart! They are always so serious about things no matter how trivial it may be! One even pointed out to me that banging and slamming ain't the same!
I'm so grateful to be bestowed by your immense knowledge!
I shall forever thank you and remember you in my heart!
(Okay, I'm being sarcastic here. It was uncalled for and the person I intended it for may never have meant it that way. But, this is my blog and I can do what ever I want including having crazy mood swings! WEEE!!! @_@)