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A flash of lightning appeared outside her window, followed by a loud thunder. Sam covered her ears and hugged her knees. Tears swelled up in her eyes, dropping in big splashes onto the cement floor. She sobbed quietly, agonizing to ensure she wasn't heard. There was a deep aching pain in her chest. She felt so empty that night, lost in this room of hers.

Her mother knotted her brows in worry. Her fingers felt like ice, fearing the worst for her daughter. She paced up and down the stairway, her stomach sick with worry.
"What shall we do?" asked June.
"Nothing. She needs to be left alone," David answered. "I'm sure she will understand us. We love her and she loves us"
"But-" June sighed, nearly in tears, "Can't I do anything?"
Her husband glanced at her. She could see there was sorrow in his eyes too. A blanket of silence covered the room. She knew there was nothing she could do for her precious daughter

The wind chime strike each other violently, sending their chilly metallic voices deep into the night.
"Sam?" A knock at the door. "Are you in there?" asked June, "Are you coming down for dinner?"
"Could she have done something stupid?"she whispered to herself. Awful images of her daughter slicing her wrist open filled her head. Her pulse quickened and she placed her hand on the brass knob. She held her breath and swung the door opened.
The room was empty. Curtains flew crazily in the room and rain water splashed down relentlessly on to the soaked carpet. Instinctively, her mother rushed to the opened windows. She looked down, hesitating to open her eyes. When she did, she saw a figure could be seen lying on the road, motionless.
She screamed. She heard the heavy footsteps of her husband before blacking out from the shock.

She remembered the last thing she saw. She jumped out from the bed and found she was in her own room.
"Was it all a dream?"
Reality crashed into her as she saw a police car outside her house. Their neighbours flocked around their compound, all interested to see what have happened in their quiet neighbourhood.
Her daughter's room, a mere 1 metre away seem like a thousand miles a way. Her vision blurred and she felt like throwing up. She could not stop her tears from flowing. Her world have just crashed around her and she felt like she was suffocating.
Finally, she came to the entrance of the bedroom. It was still in a mess. Nothing was cleaned or moved. Pillows were thrown everywhere and the clothes were torn to bits. Papers were everywhere, soaked with water from the carpet. June crumbled right where she was standing. She wailed loudly, unable to control her feelings anymore. She felt like she did 14 years ago.
She dragged a pillow beside her, hugging it. The scent of detergent still lingered on the covers.
At the corner of her eye she saw the carpet covered with bits of glass. June gathered her strength and pulled herself closer to the smashed photo frame. The glass cut her, slicing open wounds on her knees but she could not feel the pain anymore. There was a crushed photo lying beside the frame. June opened it up.
The photo was taken in the playground. In it was her and David. Between them was a girl of not more than 4 years of age. She had dark hair and brown eyes just like David but her features were delicate and gentle, just like her mother. Sam now blacked out all their faces with a sharpie. Tears flowed through June's cheeks as she read what her daughter scribbled on the photo; 'Am I just a replacement for her?'
Behind the picture was just one word: 'Sorry'

Explanation (for ppl who can't understand me (prob all of you didn;t understand the
14 years ago, June and David lost their daughter in a car crash. Unable to recover from the loss of their only daughter, they decided to participate in an illegal research revolving around human cloning. Using a lab in Asia (where regulations on cloning aren't really defined) scientist manage to clone their lost daughter. They named their 2nd daughter Sam. When growing up, they told Sam the girl in the photos she found was she twin sister who died in a car crash. Sam never knew she was a clone and she knew about clones comes from science fiction books and movies. When she was 17, she found something that she shouldn't have found. It was a research report on her hidden away in a briefcase. The story begins after she confronted her parents who eventually had to reveal the truth.
End story
Stupid story i wrote after doing too much bio work. English still sucks. Damn...