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4:13 pm
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I had Chemistry exam.
It was an easy exam.
I screwed the exam up (yet again)
I dunno why I took my time in answering the questions. We had 4 questions plus 1 essay to do in 50 minutes.
Everyone is going at lightning speed while i was writing in a crawling pace. I even took my time and reread the answers. ARGHHH
As everyone can guess, I didn't have time to complete the paper. My brain that day was also dysfunctional. The exam supposed to end at 2:50. For some reason, I kept thinking it was ending at 3 pm.
So when I reached the essay, I thought "Hey.. 15 more minutes... I can complete this paper in no time." Imagine my horror when the invigilator announced "5 more minutes to complete your paper"
At that moment, all Chemistry facts were replaced with cursing.
So... my essay was about 30 words long (more like 20 actually) Dang it.
I also realized at the last minute I forgot to answer one question at the beginning of the paper that i liquid off earlier.
Arghh... i don't even feel angry anymore.
Just regretful.
Oh well... I have maths test tomorrow. I won't be surprise if i don't do so well for this one. I got carried away watching tv. (i watched about 5 episodes of ROME, watched Music&Lyrics and also Ghost Rider with my friends, 2 episodes of Heroes, 1 episode of Death Note, 4 episodes of Naruto (yes siao chen! the fillers just ended!... oh wait, u don't have internet :P) errr..... and countless hours in front of the tv during my weekends)

Wish me luc!