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For the purpose of my blog report, I have been finding a lot of articles about why people blog and henceforth. There were reasons like meeting new people, to chronicle their life, to update friends and family.
I know I blog to vent. And for the sole reason of venting, I have maintained this blog for 2-3 years already. See... another proof that I'm a complainer.But interestingly, half of the blogging community blog to vent too (or more accurately, to use as therapy). Personally, I think blogs can be therapeutic only to a certain extent. Nothing beats talking to somebody about it. As they say, people are selfish creatures. When we have a problem, we have to share so that the one of with the problem can feel more relieved while the listeners have the burden of worriying about the one with problem.

Apart from that, only 20% of the blogs available online can be put to use (educationally, as a source of info, etc). And there is a staggering 57 million blogs online now. I feel it's such a waste that at least 20% of the 57 million will most probably be spam blogs. I used to think that blogging will be such a great oppurtunity for people to use it for a great purpose of education or something like that. Now I know that 50% of all post goes along the lines of:

Lol... I guess I'm in the statistics too.