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damn... i thought my 100th post will be more joyous than what i'm about to say.

Anyway, I went for the SAM fiesta on friday. The whole event was a success to the organizers since many ppl turned up for it.

BUT... only 6 ppl from my class showed up. I didn't feel like going already when I came back from college because I was sooooo tired but I will be wasting my RM20.
So, I thought what the heck.
Anyway, I didn't want to leave Pei Chern and Dharshini alone there (we were the only 3 girls there from G12)
At first, it was really boring. Pei Chern didn't eat the entire day so we were stalking the food table. PC was clearly relieved when she heard the MC annouced we can eat.
The food was mediocre. Nothing special. The usual finger food. I think the only thing that was nice was the drinks since they bought it (and also the chicken nougat and konyakku jelly) The burger was extremely dry. But that was what was expected for a rm20 event.
I was surprise to find some of our teachers there, helping out (mr kevin-distributing food and mr yong- holding the camera)
In school, the teacher shoved everything to us. No help can be expected from them. All they do is come and see that we are not messing up the place then say "Good.. good... make sure everything goes on smoothly" Then, in our opening speech we have to thank them... like they gave us any help at all (especially the headmistress and the penolong kanan... no idea why we need to thank them at all)

After we were given food, they had a few live performances. The band who got 2nd place in the Blast Off contest (organised by I wonder how did they get 2nd? Their music is awfully loud to be enjoyed and i can't understand a word they are muttering. I normally can at least catch a phrase or a sentence from a rap song... but for this group all i heard was "guahush suhsauas sahishdsj ahdjka djifjsi"
But people were clearly enjoying themselves & finally, people started dancing.
So, me, Dharshini and PC started dancing too. I must have looked kinda strange cause I was there to relieve stress. But what the heck... it was awfully dark and I myself can't remember what i did there.
Mr Kevin danced with a crazy SAM teacher too. At first he was a bit shy and the other teacher was dancing with everything she's got. Then when the other teacher slowed down, Mr Kevin danced really really energetically.. *laughs!!* I shud have bring my damn camera!!
(my bro took it with him to uni)
The dance floor was quite crowded at that time so i either step on ppl's toes or ppl will step on mine. Too bad for those who got stepped by me cause i was wearing heels :D
There were ppl doing "hanky-panky" there also at the back of the hall. Some were dancing very.... suggestively with their boyfriends... Very geli see them

Dharshini had to go back and Pei Chern was still feeling down so we finally went to the 1st floor and had a chat there. I went home at about.... 11.10. Stupidly, I forgot my keys and I was locked out from my house. Luckily the main gate wasn't locked. Unfortunately, nobody was downstairs and everything was dark. I tried getting the keys with the help of a long stick and an open sliding door but didn't succeed. I should have just called the house by then but my handphone had no credit.
Talk about coincidence eh.

the continuation is here:

it's password protected so if u want to know what happened, leave me a msg in the shoutbox.