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I admit, I have a secret blog. Now that I know some of my friends are reading this blog, I used my old old blog to post stuff I did not want anyone else to see. Not everything can be left in the open no matter how close you are to your friends. But good news is...
Means I am becoming more open with myself and my friends and I'm slowly letting out the skeletons in my closet (although some might be permanently superglued inside.. someone hand me a solvent)

ANYWAY.... I met up with my ex form 5 classmates yesterday to celebrate Melvin's bday. It was.... boring.
Maybe cause I don't really mix with them that well. I'm like oil and they are water. We can never mix. Shake it all you want, it still won't mix. The only difference now is I don't care if I mix with them or not. Last time, I used to try so hard to fit in with them so I could speak more freely and mingle with them. If last time ppl ask me if i'm bored, I would hastily reply "Noo!! So how is your... errr.... cat?" Now.. I can't care less.
"Are you bored?"
"Yes.. i am" (makes grumpy face :( )

I'm sure i sound like a bitch right now. Well... that's because no matter what I do, they seem to keep a distance from me. They hardly invite me to follow them to outings, they don't really keep in touch anymore. And each time I'm with them, I feel very left out.

I think it has something to do with my awkwardness. But what can I do? I can't spot "hot" guys in a crowd! I don't get the latest gossips about this fellow or this girl (whoever the heck they are) and I can't play pool or foosball.
I guess I won't go to any outings with them anymore

PS: I don't mean ALL of my classmates. I mean majority of my classmates.