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Robbery... in SUBANG PARADE
4:41 pm
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My right eye was twitching.
It couldn't stop twitching.
And something did happened today.

I went for my friend's bday in Subang Parade today. It was supposed to be a happy happy day. We were to eat in Nandos then go to TGI and get a cake there.
On the way there... my friend was driving and we nearly bang into a taxi. Luckily we didn't masuk longkang when she swerved to the side.
Then, we spent 2 hours finding a gift for the bday boy.
When we found the gift, we were so happy. We were "lalalala... happy happy day" Then we heard something which sounds like firecrackers/balloon bursting (amplified x10) I thought it was some balloons bursting cause it was like "pang pang pang" Then we saw ppl running away from the scene.
Everyone in Nandos knew something was wrong.
We crouched down and I talked to the aunty beside me. She was worried about her family.
Then we heard more gunshots. I seriously thought it was some crazy gunman but I realised it was Poh Kong they were robbing. Nandos was directly opposite Poh Kong only a floor higher. Luckily where we were sitting, there was this giant pillar of wall so we were protected by it.

Anyway, the shots went on for quite sometime. After about 10 shots, it died down for a while and everybody started to stand up when again some shots were fired. We crouched down again. Then we quickly made out way to the back exit. Once we were out, a lot of my friends were shocked. They were so worried about their families who hanged around after dropping them off in parade.
Thankfully, none of them were hurt.
My friend (bday boy) kept cursing at the robbers. Later, we heard 2 people got killed and 1 injured. My friends and I warned the people who were going to parade not to go in.
We had to wait for another friend (who was hiding in Nandos kitchen) to come out before making our way to Carrefour.

Then we went to McD drivethru (some friends went back) and continue the celebration there. Sadly, the bday boy was no longer in the mood to celebrate.

Another event to list down as "personal experiences"