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My week
12:52 pm
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This week was... hectic
Let's begin with;
I had my first driving lesson! I was scared i might bang into other ppl
s car but luckily i didn't :D Mati engine twice though while practicing to park car (hahaha... how u ask me... i didn't press the clutch enough) Also drove with my handbrake up TWICE!
Next lesson will be next thurs at :D I'll be learning naik bukit, 3point turn and going on the road.
Oh... parking is hard... So many steps!
Let;s see if i can remember..
1) Reverse back until the 1st pole in at the corner of the left small window
2) Turn steering wheel all the way to the left then reverse till 7 poles can be seen on the side mirror
3) Turn steering wheel twice to the right and reverse till back wheel just crosses the yellow line.
4) Turn steering wheel all the way to the right and reverse till front wheel just cross the yellow line
5) Turn steering wheel all the way to the left and go forward so car is straightened

Going out
6) Turn steering wheel all the way to the right and go forward so front wheel crosses yellow line
7) Turn steering wheel all the way to the left and go forward till the 1st pole can be seen in the middle of the left window.
8) Turn steering wheel right twice and go forward to straighten car

Actually.... i cannot remmeber!!! DAMN!!
I am sooooooooooooooo ANGRY
I practise this like... 7-8 times!!! ARGHHHH

Bio quiz
Hate it hate it hate it
First newsletter club meeting. Other members are just weird. Or maybe i'm the weird one.
But still excited over the first assignment- design a page by yourself for the valentine issue!

Valentine's Day (pink day)
Super tired today
Hand was unfortuntely very shaky and Mrs Kalpana had to spoil it all when she gave back the bio quiz
Results: BAD PHOTOS TAKEN!! (sry guys1)

Physics common test 1
Okla... but Mr Yong said we did badly. Cannot keep my hopes high
Had 3 hours of break today. Finally got to practice LAN
Was voted Vice Secretary for Pets Lover Society (why i always kena secretary post?)

Nothing interesting today.
Mom's bday.
Baked her a marble cake with my brother (our very FIRST cake!!!) Thx to my bro's friend for the recipe ;)

Luckily, it didn't turn to charcoal. We were so worried when the cake didn't rise after baking it for 20 mins. So we baked it for another 20. But it was still unbaked as the inside was still very very runny) So we baked it for another 20 mins. And voila!! We have a beautiful cake (which was a little dry but better than a burnt cake!) I think the oven was cacated that's why we had to bake it for an hour!!

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!!!!