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Happy Chinese New YEAR
1:42 pm
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This year... was the most boring New Year of all. This year was the ultimate champion in boringness. I can compile what i did during CNY in 2 words.
Play Computer

That is what i did.

What made this CNY so boring?
1. Almost all my relatives didn't come back for CNY. Includes: my 2 uncles and their families, my anuty and her family, a lot of my cousins. It was only 12 ppl altogether during the "reunion" dinner. Worst thing is that my uncle and his wife went to Penang on the 2nd day to visit their son there and then my aunty and her family went to Raub on the 2nd day too.
So it was only 6 ppl altogether (not including my own family)
2. There was no dinner on the 2nd day (it was tradition to go to a chinese retaurant to makan on the 2nd day)
3. My father watched the news on Astro every single day 24/7 so no chinese new year song or whatsoever.
4. My grandfather played back the video of my grandmother's funeral procession on the 1st day.

Crappy chinese new year indeed.