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things just start going downhill.
I think I'm having personal issues. Not humongous one. But big enough to worry me. How I wish I can just take a gun and shoot whoever that is bothering me.
I have violent tendencies unfortunately but not very often displayed on the outside.
Ask me what to do with murders/rapist/etc, i'll give you a list of torture methods.
Ask me to plan a violent movie, I can give you a detailed explanation on how do the killing scenes.
Ask me to say out loud what i'm thinking when i'm frustrated, you can hear a variety of foul language.
Still think I'm a polite nice girl?

I slept at 4am yesterday and woke up at 8. You can't blame me if i'm spewing out rubbish.
I feel empty inside. Is like... i'm a walking zombie.
This is the most incoherent post i have ever made.
I'm changing topics as fast as i'm typing.
English assignment nearly completed. I miss form 5. And I miss talking to my good ol friends. It surprises me how much i miss them. I miss them until i feel an ache in my heart.
I am strange, no?
I'm ending my post before i type anything i regret later.
(non like anything you are thinking of my readers. i'm afraid i might talk about something closer to home :))