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busy week 2
5:21 am
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another busy and tiring week
Had ESL test on wed. I HATE MY ESSAY!!!!! TT_TT
Dang it! I think it is the worst essay i have ever created in my entire life. ARGHH!!!
All my paragraphs were like beating round the bush. And my ideas were scattered everywhere! Why can't I have gift for writing? I would like to have that more than any talent in the world!
Yeesh... I hope I don't fail English. Annoying subject!
I can't believe that English is now the hardest subject to score an A. 11 years in government school has made my spelling and grammar rot into a pile of junk.

Just had Bio test too. I am surprised to say that Bio was easier than ESL.
HAHAHAHHAA!! I think my friends will hentam me if I said that during secondary school. I want to be a good writer but I can't! So embarrassing... English is my first language and I'm most likely gonna fail it.
I wish I don't have to take English as a subject.
LAN presentation and test is over too. Hardeep and Tony expectedly became the star of the play, wearing fake boobs and whatnot.
I'm just thankful I didn't forget most of my lines. Too bad the ending was hanging. We forgot to conclude the sketch. That is how clumsy we are.
Tomorrow is Chem test. Have to study now after Miss Tan announced that we (my class) are going to die in the MPH tomorrow X_X