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90th post... and filled with rage
10:02 am
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Sorry to ppl like sabrina who is of pure mind.
I am now angry.
And for no reason what so ever (as this fault is not the faulter's fault but partly mine.. if that makes sense)
Therefore I must type this post.

I met an irritating idiot today. I shall not reveal the name of the idiot nor where i met "it". It just pisses me off.

That's why I want a boyfriend. Not to do this:

Stupid pose... so keng le my photoshop skills

But rather to do this:

So whenever i meet an irritating idiot, my bf will come up and punch the hell out of him.
Therefore no irritating idiot shall pass in front of my eyes nor dare to speak to me.
I think it's best if my boyfriend was this guy... I am so drooling over him now.
He can punch irritating idiots
I can control him
He cannot disobey my orders
And he looks better than most guys I meet
Oh... and did i say? I can program him to do whatever I want
And he is soo much younger than me.
I present to you:

BF001Z!!!! The future boyfriend of mine. Unfortunately, I have to wait till he is fully functional.
So, he will be a barely a year old and i most probably have to wait 30++ year.
So I will get married to him when I'm 47.
All you readers are of course welcomed to my marriage with BF001Z. I shall name it... Bazzonza!!

I'm happy again.
Cause i'm looking forward to the time Bazzonza can punch all the irritating idiots i encounter.
Fear my Bazzonza idiots!!!