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6 weird things
2:35 am
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got tagged by sab

I have to list down 6 weird stuff about me.
1. I do not like eating durian, red bean paste, yam and oats (i should be banished from malaysia... i nvr touched a single durian nor tau sah bun (red bean bun) since i was small)

2. I like to drive with the handbrake up

3. I bring rain with me. I went for driving lesson twice, twice i kena heavy rain. Strangely enough, the rain usually stops when the lesson is over.

4. I suck in computer games. I have no hand eye coordination at all ;(

5. I am a total slacker and procrastinator. I love to do everything last minute. Like now. I have bio and chem exam end of next week. I only just started on chem and haven't touched bio...
This sounds exactly when i was in form 5. Old habits die hard...

6. Last one... I shall give u the most shocking one! (actually not so shocking la... but anyway) My birth date on my birth certificate is actually wrong. It is written on the birthcert that i am born on the 12th of July. Actually... my time of birth is at 12.08 am (midnight baby :D) so it supposed to be on the 13th of July. My mom confirmed this and said that the nurse didn't know after midnight means the NEXT day. Yeeshh... The stupid nurse also put my father's job wrongly. He supposed to be a DOCTOR not a medical officer.
Now because of her fault my birth day changed one day earlier.

I shall tag:
1) slytherdor
2) alsya
3) janice
4) anyone else... sigh