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The terrors
9:31 am
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Last sunday, I read in The Star newspaper about my horoscope.
I didn't really bother reading the prediction (which would most probably be about "careful about this and that, love around the corner, mars and jupiter are in line meaning the end is near, blah blah blah")
Anyway, I did see my luckly day was supposed to be on Mon.
Monday came and passed. At the end of the day I thought to myself "hey... today was just like any other day. I am not more luckly than usual".

Hahahahaa..... what the newspaper failed to mention was "tue will be the worse day for you so far in 2007"

Tue was a disaster.
First, I was cleaning my water bottle and hit my finger on the water tap (my skin tore and was painful like hell)
Second, I forgotten to bring my folder to college (which contains ALL my notes on every subject) I went back home to get it just before physics (the last period before break. Why? So i won't need to go back during break and can eat in peace)
Everything went well for ONE period. I went off with my friends to eat at the market. Then I had to go home because I had a slight tummy ache. I was already quite frusfrated since I just went home a mere 1 and a half hours ago.
I went home, went back to college then I realised I didn't bring my pencilbox.

........ profanities shot out from my mind like firecrackers during New Year.

When I was walking home, I nearly tripped on a giant batu, injuring my toe (but no major injury)
Then when I went home, I couldn't find my pencilbox.

My pencilbox. The one which had all my stationaries during SPM (meaning: pencilbox is super complete) And my scientific calculator.

!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#<---- replace with imagination

I know luck is not to blame. My own stupid carelessness will one day kill me.
But I seriously don't know what happened to my pencilbox. I am 100% certain that i brought it home during break. But what could have happened on the way to college that I could lose a 25cm x 10 cm transparent pencilbox very full of stationaries?

Send all your theories to my email! Any theory will do!

ps: I checked with the lost and found counter in taylors already. No luck at all.
I checked every inch of my house already (including underneath the car, in the flower pot (seriously), underneath pillows, in ALL the bathrooms)

I am desperate to find my pencil box!!! Oh... and if anybody find a transparent pencilbox with a scientific calculator (with some weird henna-like drawing at the back done using liquid paper) pls pls pls send me an email!!!!!!!!!!!