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Personal experiences
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1. I nearly drown once.
I was in Singapore when I was about...5? (somewhere around there) Me, being the smart alex, decided to jump down into the deep end of the swimming pool cause it looked so shallow from the top ( i now know why) I can't really remember the incident now as its like a dream to me now (i know it's not as my mom can confirm this)
All I remember from that incident was how hard it was to breath. I was stupid at that time so I didn't realise homosapiens can't breath in water (that's what happen when you let 5 year olds watch Little Mermaid) And I kept wanting to call out for my mom IN THE WATER.
Oh, I remember that I wanted to reach the base of the swimming pool so i can use my legs to thrust myself out (all 5 year olds think they have superpower strength) My brother (who was 8 at that time) kept laughing because he said my head kept bobbing up and down at that time. My father somehow saw me and came to my rescue me in time.
When I was out in the water, I wasn't unconcious (so no CPR needed) I just vomited out all the water I swallowed (which was a lot, come to think about it). After that incident, my father forced my siblings to go back to the hotel room (cause i was quite weak at that time) My siblings (sister included (12 years old) were complaining and blaming me for making them go back.

2. I got hit by a motorcycle.
This happened when I was in Form 3. I was really really tired as I had to stay back for my librarian duties and I was running around for half a day for some idiotic ****** hid my shoe (in my library, we had to take off our shoes before going in) I found my shoe wet as someone left it in the sink. (to whoever who did it, I hope you will one day drown, as what you did to my shoe)
In addition to everything, I had to walk home. Its not really a long walk (takes about 15 minutes) but it was 3 in the afternoon and the sun was blazing hot.
So, I was already arriving home and my head was spinning. Then when I was crossing the road, all I remember was I heard a girl (college student I presumed) screamed and I thought to myself "oh shit" cause I heard brakes.
Then I didn't really know how it happened and who was at fault. I just found myself on the road with papers flying everywhere (okla... not so dramatic but my file I was holding did break into half and my paper waas going to fly everywhere) I not too sure why, but I was more worried about losing my papers than checking on my own condition. I got up promptly and started gathering my papers. I gave the "evil eye" to the fellow who hit me and all he could do was say "sorry ah" Then he wore his helmet and drove away. Man... not even a "are you alright?" I continue on my way and when I reached home, I was completely exhausted. I think the adrenaline ran out. I checked myself and all I got was a nasty bruise and cut and scratches on my legs. Then I fell asleep on the couch with my uniform after dumping everything on the table beside the couch. That was how tired I was.

3. I fell down so bad, a stone embedded into my flesh
I am a clumsy person. In primary school, I made a conclusion that I must fall down and hurt myself once every year. (which proved to be true in the first 5 years of primary)
In std one, I remember falling down in the compound of SJMC (my father was working there).

In std two, I fell down while racing with my friends (the things we do in primary school... *sigh*)

In std three, I was feeling sick and I tripped on the staircase of the canteen

In std four, I went free of wounds and scrathes until the LAST week of school (that's y i said 5 years)This was the worst fall so far. I remember me and my friend wanted to buy sweets from a bus across the road in front of school (last time they used to sell sweets, chocolates and snacks on school buses (i think they banned them now)) cause we wanted to celebrate the last week of school. I tripped on my friend's leg and fell down on the tar road. The pain....
I limped back to school while my friend (whose leg i tripped on) had to rush off as her dad came to fetch her already (thx very much...)
I inspected my wound and didn't realise anything wrong except it was really painful. I remember the bleeding was quite bad as the blood trickled down from my knee until it stained my ankle high socks. I went to the bathroom to wash the wound (i was limping and the worse thing was the bathroom was in the 2nd floor) Anyway, I washed the wound and made more blood stained my socks. It was a pretty gory sight with blood running down my leg.
I was limping past 2 teachers and the teacher asked if I was alright. Me, being timid, said "yeah" Now I wonder why they didn't help me as the blood stain can easily be seen 10 m away (white socks ma) To make things worse, my mom came late to fetch me. Luckily I had another friend to accompany me (who kindly brought me ice to put it over the wound and calm me down when I thought my mom is going to scold me for falling down) An idiotic boy kept terrorizing me, as he kept hovering over me and my friend and kept sprouting crap from his mouth (he said that his friend's leg has to be amputated, I cannot walk already la.. blah blah blah) I remember I nearly cried when I thought my mom is going to scold me over this (which is quite stupid actually)
My mom came and I told her what happened. She wasn't angry at me (obviously) and she glanced at the wound and she knew something must be inside the wound (i still wonder how she knew that) My father checked the wound and true enough, there was a tiny stone inside. He put Linocain on it and used a forceps to pull the rock out. I kept the rock but I forgot where is it now. It was only about... 3 mm in diameter. But the wound was pretty deep.
Until now I have the scar on my knee

... post to be continued on to the next post as this is too long :D