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10:21 am
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found them!

1. Study 2 hours a day!!!! (finish form 4 sylabbus with or without the teachers' help by the 2nd week of jan)
Errrr..... nvr did this. HAHAHAHAHAA
2. Do a better job for bm and bi oral
I think I nvr did any oral at all in form 5. So this is not counted
3. eat less (makan too many breads in one year already)
Nope. Failed.
4. drawing, japanese and piano! nvr give up the passion!
Japanese-failed. Drawing and piano-passed (barely)
5. Learn chinese after spm.... (learnt my lesson :P)
Nope. Failed

1. Study harder
I think i only do whenever there are exams
2. stop becoming so lazy
3. sleep at 10 o clock everyday
Lol... i shall nvr do this
4. improve english and bm skills--- read at least 10 300+++ pg novels for each language by the end of the year
5. nvr give up hobby--- sculpting + drawing--> more inspiration!!!
I did suceed in this when I was in form 4
6. improve pr skills
My part time job in breadstory helped + my friends
7. more friends
8. year end test- all A's