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Old Year is dead
12:13 pm
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Farewell 2006...
What have I learned last year,

1) When we yearn for something, we can only see the advantages. When we have it, we can only see the disadvantages. When we lose it, we miss it.
(Proof: I always wanted to work. When I was working, I hated it. Now that I can't work, I miss it)

2)Humans will always bite back when provoked no matter how good natured they are.
(Proof: My friend, who we all thought was very calm and kind suddenly had a sudden outburst when she was provoked by another friend. Very scary)

3)All of us are mad. What differentiates us from those in madhouses are the degree of madness we have.
(proof: haven't you have a friend call you mad before? I have been called that many times; when I rode on a 360 degree rotating ship in Sunway Lagoon eventhough I had motion sickness just to win RM1 from my friend :)

Oh, and
4) SPM is nothing. I have done it and it carries no meaning if you are not in desperate need of scholarship.