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mortal combat
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SUBANG JAYA, 13 JAN- The battle begun when "THE GIANT" entered the orange lit bathroom only to find "THE ANTENNAE MENACE" (TAM) running around, polluting the toothbrushes, toothpaste and cleansers. Giant initiated the first attack by using the shower head to shoot at TAM only to make it crawl up all the way to the ceiling. Giant again used her shower spray attack only to make TAM angrier. TAM then dropped to the floor and threatened to spread it's wings and fly into the bedroom. Giant takes out the broom and tries to whack TAM but hesitated for a moment.
And that moment was all TAM needed. Using it's four horrible legs, it started scuttling in the direction of Giant, causing Giant's brain to release a series of adrenaline. With great courage, Giant used her broom as a giant bat and swung at TAM. TAM flew at least 1 foot and landed back on the sink with all the toothbrushes.
Frustrated, Giant again took the shower head and changed it to full blast. Then she sprayed until TAM cowardly ran out of the sink. Knowing that she will hesitate again, Giant called her little brother, "BIG GIANT" to whack the cockroach.
In a matter of seconds it was all over. Big Giant took the broom and whacked TAM at least 3 times before TAM stopped twitching. With a sigh of relieve, Giant took out the dust pan and flushed TAM into the toilet.

That was, my readers, the greatest battle that took place on earth..... (not)

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