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Hypermarket war
12:12 pm
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Giant and Mydin in USJ is having an all out war.
Giant now has a supersized photograph at the entrance of their hypermarket clearly showing Mydin workers buying food at Giant's food stall. Below the advertisement says "Our prices are so cheap, our neighbours come to buy from us" (or something along that lines)

Mydin has a row of adverts facing Giant saying stuff like "cheaper prices only 100m away" or "You like giant prices? You will surely like our super prices" (again, i'm not quoting directly. I'm quoting from my memory)

Not long ago, Giant has this giant annoucement at the entrance saying that "We have cheaper prices then our neighbours" Mydin counter it by saying "our prices are cheaper throughout the year unlike our neighbour" (this advert was accompanied by a statistic graph showing the prices of various items throughout the year)

To make things worse, Cold Storage just opened up in Summit and Tesco will be coming soon around that area. I wonder if all the hypermarkets will start having posters saying "Neighbours: Certain prices lower. Ours: Everything lowest"
Hmmm.... no matter what the outcome is, the consumers will win this war. So go on hypermarkets, go on with reducing your prices!