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10:15 am
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Shoot. My father gave me RM200 beginning of this month as my allowance. I now have no more money and I'm going to finish spending the RM100 I just draw out from the bank last week.


So what did I spend on... (RM200)
1. PES bio book- RM60
2. Class fund- RM5
3. Movie- RM12
4. Food when I was out with friends- RM20
3. Lunch when I'm in college- Everyday rm3-5, x20 RM96
4. Earrings- RM5
5.Stationary- RM 2

(rm100)- BAKI rm57
1. Haircut- RM 12
2. Dinner- RM11
3. Lunch- RM 26
4. Locker- RM13

Last time, I get RM50 can last for at least a month. RM200 cannot even last a month!!!
So for every extra dollar I spend, I'm not eating for a day. So for food (lunch) , I spent RM126. If I was in school, I would have spent RM1 a day and therefore, I supposed to have only spend RM20 for food. So,
rm196-rm20= rm176.
I'm not going to eat lunch for 176 days. Which is equivalent to: 37 schooling week +1 day. Means, I will not be eating for.... 9 months...

I will no longer bring my purse to college. I will not go out with friends too. I spent too much money on food and entertainment ;( My father will butcher me when he finds out. BOO HOO
From now onwards, you will see me eating Ritz biscuit for lunch or me going home.

This is my pact to myself!!! I will only eat as a reward after every common tests, mid year tests, trial and end of the year.

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