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12:06 pm
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English as a Second Language (ESL) for those who don't know.

The horror of picking a topic.
The topic must:
1. have enough printed and non-printed sources (internet)
2. be interesting to me
3. have to be written in 2000 words or less
4. have to be worked on for 3 months
5. be not too scientific
6. have an issue
7. be useful

Whenever I pick a topic, it either don't have enough sources, don't have an issue, is too scientific, i'm not interested in it or is redundent.

I am stuck.

This is worse then having to pick a birthday present for my friends. I can't seem to find the "perfect" topic. I'm envious of my classmates who seem so confident in their choice. I am fussy and undesicive. What a stupid combination.