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4. I went into the men's bathroom by mistake
This happened when I was in Awana Kijal when i was... 15 years old. It was a beachside dinner organized by a drug company. It was really really dark and I was quite short at that time. Somehow when I went into the toilet, I fail to notice the simbols. Luckily there wasn't anyone inside (thank god!!) But I still was very blur.. and i didn't notice the urinals AT ALL. I still went into the cubicles and did my bussiness. When I came out, there still wasn't anyone inside (again... thank goodness!!) But on my way out, I suddenly notice urinals and proceeded to run to the exit. I nearly bump into a guy outside (it was a hotel worker) I still can remember his face... he gave me the super surprise look. (big eyed and "o" mouth, something like this---->OoO)

5. I forgot to zip my pants.
This is super embarassing (why am i posting it here???!? *kills self*) I walked round the whole pyramid like that. This was so stupid. I shall not reveal when this happen (although you can most probably guess by now) This is what happens when 99.9% of your brain cells are dead cause you stay awake so late at night.

6. I talked in my sleep.
I was talking about toilets and measurements to my brother when I was half awake, half asleep. I remember I heard him came into the room and I started talking about my teacher forcing us to take measurements of our school's toilet bowl. We also had to calculate the angle of the toilet and other crap. My brother went "HUH??" Then I woke up (fully) and realised what i was talking about. I pretended to sleep while my brother continue to laugh at me.
Another time was after I watched LOTR 2, I fell asleep on the couch. Somehow I was dreaming of me being Legolas (or something like that) and was riding a horse trying to shoot someone with an arrow. Somehow Aragorn was in the dream also. My lil bro said I kept saying "where is the arrow?"
Man.... i hope i don't do this anymore.