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i lost track of the number but anyway....

1. My brother captured a "ghostly" image.
I was walking up the stairs when all the lights were off. Then my elder bro decided to snap a pic of me... When we saw the picture, we got goosebumps. In the distance was the kitchen (which was dark) and we could somehow see a ghostly image of a woman. The woman was like floating with long hair and completely white. Pretty damn freaky eh... But later my bro concluded that the camera's flash must have hit on to the mirror (which is in the kitchen) and reflected it off onto the kitchen's wall (the wall is slightly reflective because of the tiles.)
Another occasion was when i captured a pic of myself. The picture is somewhere in the blog's archive. When I zoom in, I saw a picture of a woman in between the grills. I was really freak out. I later found out it was an image of a woman on the bag my mom was carrying... ceh
Another occasion was my sister capturing images of my lil bro. For some reason, it had the infamous light orbs in it. And a lot of orbs!!! Damn freaky. But it's been appearing quite often in pictures all around the world. Skeptics believe those are actually dust (which reflected the camera's flash)

That's all for creepy experiences :P