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(cont...) creepy experiences
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7. I got the worst fright of my life
I was searching around for urban myths when I came upon this myth. The myth was about a videogame created by Russian scientists to torture people. It said that if you play this videogame, you will be haunted by nightmares, nausea, headaches and will eventually make you die. It was obviously all talking rubbish so I looked for the game in google and found it (cannot remember the game;s name at all) I followed a link which was "supposed" to show the cover of the game.
Yeeeshhh... I wished I didn't click on it. I was inspecting the cover (it was a blue color background with the game's name on it) very close to the moniter when suddenly the cover changed into a black and white image of a screaming woman. My god... and they had to put the sound of a woman screaming. Unluckily for me, my speaker was adjusted to full blast. So when "she" started screaming, I jumped out from my chair. I seriously thought that I was going to get a heart attack. I quickly off my speakers and closed the window.
My brother (who was using the desktop (i used the laptop)) also got a fright. He kept asking me "what the hell is that??!?!?" I was so shocked I couldn't speak for a while. After 5 minutes, I still felt very jittery. I had a friend online so I told him about it. He followed the link (and he cleverly muted his speakers) and told me it was some old hag with ugly makeup. Until now... I still don't dare to see if what he said was true.

8. My radio was working... without the power supply
This was really freaky. I turned on the radio while I was doing my homework (it was the type of radio where there was also a small black and white tv incoporated into it) It played music for a while then it went off. I checked if there was anything wrong and found out that the power cable wasn't even plugged in. I remember running out from the room after that.

9. My TV glowed red
Another weird experience. This happened quite recently. I was chatting to 2 friends until very very late at night (nearly 3 am) then I decided to go downstairs to drink a cup of water. Everyone in my household was asleep. And all the lights were off. When I went out of the room, I heard the static noise of the tv (you know... the sound TV makes when it's on) I was grumbling to myself how forgetful my parents were (cause this happened more than once) I got a shocked when I saw the TV screen glowing red.
Imagine this scenario: You walk down the stairs and everything is pitch black. When you look into the living room, all you see is the TV screen glowing red (and it was quite bright)
I fled the scene and told my 2 friends over the internet. After 15 mins, I finally dared to go down and off the TV. I think the TV was overheated.

10. My room used to have a lot of funny noises.
Whenever I on the aircon in my room, a series of funny noises will start. And this only happens at night. First the door will start to creak (not a soft creaking noise. It's really loud) And not just once.. but a few times. Then, my light will creak. Followed by the bookcase. Then you will get a whole orchestra in my room. I always convinced myself that it was the expansion and "pengecutan" of the stuff since I on the aircon. Can someone confirm this for me?

I am starting to get goosebumps writing all this... I will continue this in college (when there are more people around...(nobody is in my house now !!)