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I just read a couple of my friend's posts on their blogs. It was mainly about the dressing of college students in their college. They were saying stuff like "in college, ppl will judge you on how you look" Well... i think that you are all wrong.
People don't judge you on your looks (maybe first impressions). People judge you on what comes out of your mouth. If you dress in clothes from pasar malam but you are very charismatic (sweet talker la) everyone will like you. Nobody would even see what clothes you are wearing. I admit, there is an urge to dress better when everyone in your class is trying to dress "to kill". But I believe this urge will soon wear out when the pace gets quicker. I think by next month, I'll close my eyes and pick the clothes I'm wearing

Note: Yes... i do give thought to what i am wearing when I'm going to college. I am quite self-concious which led me to be very very shy during my secondary school days. Last holiday, I realised that I missed out the chance to be closer to some of my classmates and friends. If only I had not been so shy then, I would not have any regrets at all.

Anyway, those people who were saying those stuff (eg: "everyone in college is dressed in branded clothings! what about those who don't? )I think those two girls who wrote the posts are also dressed "to kill" But that's maybe because I only see them in shopping malls (when going to shopping malls with friends must the clothes you wear be nicer then the ones you wear in college??)
Oh well... that's just what I think anyway. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe not