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College life- SAM 2007
3:32 pm
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First day of orientation was alright. 2nd day was alright too. Got to learn most of my classmate's names. Teacher's too. 3rd day was homework day and boy, I really totally forgot 80% of my form 5 stuff. I think if I went for national service, I might as well go back to Form 4.
Biology was not so bad (since there is nothing to understand).
Physics was ok.... i learned this is form 4.. struggling to remember it back.
Maths was like... OMG!!!! I dunno my add maths stuff at all!! I always thought quadratic equations were alright. Factorisation, expansion, okla. But today our teacher proofed to us that there is more to just "kembangkan" and "faktorkan"
I have a lot more to understand. Ish... and I have keep up to the standards of my predesessors who didn't have any problems with maths at all... T_T
Hopefully I will understand more by the end of next week.
Oh, the teachers said form 4 and 5 must be a strong foundation for SAM. My foundation is not even like this:
Dry land


My class is G12. I will be having:
ESL- Mr Kevin (friendly guy but a little quiet??)
Physics- Mr Yong (funny + strict)
Bio- Mrs Kapalna (totally strict and no nonsense)
Chem- Miss Tan (so far so good but 40-year-old-"miss" always seem to be strict, like to nag and scold. Very moody too)
Maths- Mrs Lim (our mentor too) (friendly and warm. But she teaches a bit too fast. Must learn to ask questions cause maths is one of my weakest subjects)