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I was thinking of doing a research project on blogs when I came up with a few amusing blogs which were quite popular. So I have concluded on some chracteristics a good blog must have;

1) Good blogs always have good pictures. None of those blurry bad lighting images. Actually, most bloggers always have an interest in photography.
2) Good blogs also mean entertaining stories and interesting style of writing. A good solid topic which you have strong views upon will draw an audience (an xception for emo posts).
3)Regularly updated. A blog no matter how entertaining will lose it's audience when it's not updated regularly (and regular means 2-3 times a week)
4)Good layout. I have come across blogs where the buttons are unclickable and the stop button for the annoying background music is "cleverly" hidden. Those blogs should really be dumped into cyber space hell.

Other minor factors to help with your blog:
1) Being a "not-so-bad" looking girl. Then you can just camwhore and get a whole lot of audiences without writing a single entry.
2) Being a famous celebrity. No explaination needed
3) Make friends with the other blogging community and exchange links with them. The more links you have around the net, the more publicity your blog gets.
4) Link to google. Google can add blogs to their search engine so if let's say somebody searches for my name, my blog would probably pop out.

What my blog has failed upon:
1) Lacking of good images (or maybe none at all): I am too lazy to upload them.
2) Good writing. I like to write about my life as this blog is mainly to release stress. And everyone says i write like a robot so my style of writing also sucks
3)Regularly updated. I think i update much more regularly now, but my urge to write only come sparodically.
4)making friends with other bloggers. I read other ppl's blog without commenting. I'm too lazy to think and write of a comment :D