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what did i do in my holidays?
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1. Went to pyramid to watch James Bond
Hui Xian is really fun to watch movies with... hahaha cause she'll make you crack up at every scene. The torture part was the funniest. All the girls were laughing while all the guys must be wincing in pain *lol*
The CPR part was just..... weird. Everybody laughed at that part too... I think Mr Bond shouldn't have press her chest (or should i say her *ahem*breast....) so hard. And she should have at least worn a bra.
Met mel, yi wen, janice and li jun there. Met reeshmma, li ling and kimberly than some girls from SU gang came too. Oh.. leonard was there too.
Weird to see these ppl outside of school....

2. Went and watch The Host in pyramid again.
Su Yen finally finished her exams so we went out again. At first I thought the poster of the movie was a guy waiter... hahaha.. Turns out to be a girl wearing school uniform. The movie was hilarious and yet sad at the same time. Sad ending also.
Too bad siao chen was sick so we had to go home early.

3. Went to (post next)

4. Became sick for 5 days
After coming back i somehow got food poisoning. Very bad food poisoning. Nausea, diarrhoea, fever and giddiness. Terrible combination. I think my parents actually felt sorry for me cause i felt so uncomforatble I had to sleep in the sofa at night (lying down makes the nausea worse and the rooms were too cold for me) So for 5 days i slept downstairs with the table fan. And i slept most of the day. Was so tired even to check my mails and log on to msn (explaining my long absence from msn)

5. Becoming sick AGAIN
Right after recover from (above) sickeness, I caught the common cold + phlegm. I suspect i caught the bug when i went for the engine talk in Klang. Dang it!
Currently consuming 14 tablets a day... terrible

6. Got my L lisence
Not exactly got it yet but I done everything so i just have to wait for JPJ to issue my lisence now. Oh, my father also let me drive the auto car for a while (just for fun). Hahahaha... my car was super duper jerky. I got to do a 3 point turn (in 10 minutes... hahahhahaha) I didn't know you have to turn the steering wheel so much just to turn a little. And the proton had power steering!!! I wonder how am i going to turn the kancil... I imagine i'll be entagling my hands everwhere with the kancil. Hahahhaa... my driving instructor is going to have the shock of his life. I have a weird feeling i will surely bang his car...

7. Finish 2 games
Not really that much of an acomplishment but hey, I usually don't finish games. Finish playing Secret files tunguska (with the help of a walkthrough). The game was alright but the ending just sucks. Going to finish playing Okami on the PS2 very soon... (great game!! very fun to play)

8. Learn the Ok Go dance
Hmmm.... not really but i did learn the starting. It was my sister who tricked me into joining her current craze over Ok Go! Now i can't get the song out of my head (song= A Million Ways)
Oh, if you don't know what dance i'm talking about, it's the ultra famous dance in YouTube. Because of this dance (and the dance with the treadmills) the band became super famous and got to perform live at the VGA and MTV awards. Oh, they are also nominated in the Grammys for Best Music Video ( Here it goes again)
Go to youtube and search a million ways and here it goes again. You'll get what i mean.