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Trip to embarassment
10:17 am
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Long time no post... well i have a solid reason why..
1) Sick!!! for 5 days!
2) Sister just came back from melb
3) busy playing games

I just came back from pyramid and something extremelly embarassing thing happen to me. Maybe not that embarassing to other ppl but at this very moment i feel SUPER DUPER embarassed!!
It was a.... wadrobe malfunction. And i didn't realised until an ice cream seller pointed out to me while waiting for the bus. Hahahah... so i've been walking round the whole pyramid looking like that while being blissfully unaware what happened.
Yeesh... y m i so careless! Luckily i was in mph reading books for quite some time so i didn't go to many shops. Arghhh.... and my sister didn't notice a thing too.
I don't want to o back to pyramid T_T