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10:03 am
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I got a new hobby!! (actually i just started 2 hours ago)
This is what i created so far:

(errr... it's suppose to be animated. It will say Spm is over than a purple smiley will push it away and start dancing. It works fine in MSN (i just realised it's working... ignore my pointless ramblings)

Dog sleeping... requested by yen kaye to do her dog but i got no pics of her dog so this is the substitute

Wakakakaka... i can see more emoticons coming

PS: All this emoticons are copyrighted by ME!! Although it may sound really stupid and arrogant, i hope people who uses my emoticons will ask me first (lol... like anybody ever reads my blog(if u do read my blog, just leave me a comment so i won't fo overboard and start writing offensive stuff thinking nobody reads it (i do not make sense)))