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baked cookies
9:08 am
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Just finish baking chocolate chip cookies with the help of my mom. This batch was so much better than the last one (i made them too soft so it was like eating burnt pancakes) Too bad I made them too brittle this time :( I can't bake!!! Also burnt the first batch but the others were alright.Had a strange dream too last night. I dreamt about going back to school for something (after SPM) and meeting all my old friends back. I dreamt there was a few girls trying to ask more marks from Pn Loo.. Than i jokingly said; "I used to be like you too". Pn Loo looked at me and laughed than it turns out the girl who was asking for marks was vienna. Apparantly she needed another A so she could enter college or sommething like that. When I woke up I felt nostalgic about my past. Than I missed my old teachers and friends. It's hard to think that i won't be going back to that school anymore and all my classmates are going to change.
Weird feeling actually