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Au revoir
1:51 pm
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Goodbye, my dear old uniform...

When I came home today after moral, I was relieved and I knew the end was near but I still didn't really feel the hapiness. I went online, chat a bit, watched tv and lie around. It wasn't until I spoke to one of my friends that I realised my "school" life is going to be over in 3 more days. College life will be beginning instead in 1 more month. I feel weird- a mixture of happiness and sadness at the same time.
I find it very ironic that after finishing my exam I saw Carrefour advitising their "Back to School" sales. I haven't even finish my exams and they are already advertising uniforms, bags, school shoes and books! I even find the thought that today is the first of Dec odd. It feels like it is merely October and I would still have 2 months of holiday waiting for me. It's like one whole chunk of my memory was erased. Like I've been robbed of my time.
Damn SPM

I cleared my room today (following the lead of my friend) I have 3 stacks of books to be recycled, 1 stack of books to be passed down to my lil bro and 1 stack of test papers to be recycled too. Eventhough I cleared out so many things, my room still looked the same. Still as messy as ever. Then I found my New Year's Resolution for 2006. It was written,

Dear World,
My new year's resolution are.................
1. Study more (hmmm... i think i fulfilled this one)
2. Draw more (errrr.... no time for this)
3. Get as many A1's for SPM (we will know next year)
4. Be more considerate (i have no idea why i have this resolution. N i have no idea if this one is fulfilled)
5. Sleep and eat healthy.(hahaha... this one i didn't do! Exam time = 3-4 hours sleep only)

I shall create new resolutions today (for the upcoming holidays...)
1. Go learn driving
2. Go learn how to cook and sew
3. Go figure out what the heck career i want
4. Go play around with Photoshop

Hahahhaa.... holidays are nice