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SPM 2006- Day 1- day 6
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Day 1
Accounts paper 2
The first paper is always scary. I had butterflies in my stomach as the time got closer. So happened our classroom had no electricity as we waited for our invigilator to come. And we waited, and waited and waited. The classrooms across us were already starting their papers as we (science students) starting cursing the invigilators. Thank goodness a teacher from across the block said that we have to go to the hall! We ran down and were only 15 minutes late. Thankfully the paper was quite easy. Had an hour to look around. Found out later i have 1 mistake (haven't check the others la) Put "perabot" as "ambilan". Damn trick qw.

Day 2
Accounts paper 1
This paper ok-okla. Some i tembak, some can ans. Had about 15 mins of free time. Realise that doing it in the hall isn't so scary as what i thought.

Day 3
BM 1
This paper was hard. Section a was talking about kurangnya semangat patriotisme in remaja. But not too sure if they allowed us to write about other stuff or only "langkah-langkah" I think my karangan is terpesong cause i wrote about "punca-punca" and "langkah-langkah"
Section B was teruk. Didn't prepare for any of the qws. I was hoping pekerja asing would come out but this were our selection:
1. Faedah2 ICT kepada diri anda
2. Cara2 menghargai jasa bapa (ceramah)
3. Peranan pihak2 meningkatkan bidang pertanian
4. Langkah2 yang boleh diambil untuk mengatasi masalah jerebu bersama negara2 jiran
5. Sastera crap (always don't bother looking at this one)

I picked 4. Damn... i think i should have pick 3. I gave a lot of nonsense. Luckily i finished on time (with a toilet break some more) I think i can't get an A1 for bm anymore. Both karangan sucks.

BM 2
All the spotted qws didn't come out. Luckily i read the whole komsas before stepping into the exam hall. The qws were ok. Xcept for tatabahasa. The peribahasa part as usual, i simply tembak all. The last one i couldn't even think of a vague answer. Can anybody tell me what peribahasa to use which means "berkesan dan boleh ditonton ramai"? They gave us a conversation and we were suppose to fill the blanks with peribahasa. The last one was the weirdest. "Media massa memainkan peranan yang besar dalam meningkatkan kualiti penggunaan bahasa kita kerana ____________________"
The cari kesalahan part was also tricky. I actually couldn't spot any kesalahan at all in some of the qws.... argh

Sejarah 1
It was okla. A few qws wrong already but i don't think i did so bad for this one.

BI 1
English was ok. Section A was about sending a letter to convince a friend to be the head prefect. Second part was a choice of
(not in order)
1. Television and its effect on students
2. Food
3. Describe what you will be in 10 years
4. Write a story ending with " if only i had been more careful this wouldn't have happened"

I picked 4 anyway. Wrote about burning my house down. Kinda of boring and lame actually. Should have wrote the art theif and the police story!

BI 2
This paper was alright. Nothing really hard or confusing
Had stomach ache right at the end of the paper so i left early. Had about 1 hour to spare so it was ok.

Sejarah 2
The weirdest paper i have sat for. one of the structural qws asked us about k-ekonomi. Who reads te last chapter anyway?!? So i couldn't answer all the qws but i tembak. Hopefully my ans are close enough to be marked correct. Essay part was even weirder. They kept asking us for our opinion. I felt as if i was sitting for my bm paper all over again. They asked us how to prevent wars and what will happen if Malayan Union was established here. I crapped all the way. Some of my answers doesn't even make sense to me. Hopefully will get an A1

Mat 1
Okla. Got the first qw wrong already

Mat 2
Also okla. Did all the qws including the selection one cause had time to spare. Oh... i forgot the damn word "pantulan". Used "pembalikan" for god knows what reason. I don't think i'll get a lot of marks for my bumi sbg sfera qw. I also drew the poligon kekerapan wrongly. (i drew a histogram behind it T_T)
But i think still can get A1

Report came out. Asked us to compaer organic and conventional food. But they forgot to mention one thing.... are we suppose to compare it for consumption or production or as a raw material for a factory or are we going to sell it??!?!?!?
They just said compare. They didn't say what for. Stupid crap.
The information transfer was bad for me. I think i just flushed 10 marks down the drain. Arghhhh... shouldn't have completely lift it from the text!!!

The passages were using all this bombastic scientific words which made it hard to understand. But the qw were very straightforward so this paper was easy.

EST dunno if can get A1 or not. The marking scheme is weird. I won't be surprise if i end up with a B cause i screwed up the information transfer.