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Day 8 -9
10:19 am
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Day 8
Oh... the dreaded day has finally come! Attack of the science subjects!
Fizik was not really that hard but i did a very careless mistake in the 3rd paper by counting the meniskus of the water wrongly. 10 marks gone, meaning 5 out of 100 marks gone. Hopefully my paper 2 and paper1 will save me!

Hours slept: 4 hours

Day 9
Kimia. My favourite subject turned disastrous. Kimia 1 and 3 wasn't that hard but paper 2 was WTF? The first qw was "apakah penyakit yang boleh disembuhkan oleh halia?"
Luckily i answered that correctly. 2nd was even more weird. They ask us which concept was introduced by Dimitri Mendelev that simplifies the idea of atomic mass and density. This infomation isn't found in textbooks! So most probably i got that wrong.
But the biggest mistake i did was so much more stupid that stupid!!!!!!
I got mix up on how to write the charges for the ions and the oxidation number. I know one is opposite of the other! And i mix them up!!
For example,
Cu2+ i wrote Cu+2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is so stupid!!! So all my equation sums are wrong including the essay qws at the back! Damn, i should have follow my instincts and do the extra qws! than maybe my marks won't be cut so much!!

Bye bye my beautiful A1 and A2 twins...... *sobs*

Hours slept: 4 and a half hour