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Nana and beyond
8:20 pm
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I just got a dose of 3 episodes of NANA! *squeals in delight!*
I watched episode 22-24 just now and oooo.... the drama is fantastic!!
I love the fighting part in the pub where Shin splashed water onto Takumi's face. Takumi seems like a bitch but somehow I think he really liked hachi in the end (in episode 23) Is kinda sad to see Nana leave the apartment and Nobu being rejected (he should have been more firm with her...keep trying to win her heart!)
I love NANA!!!

Oh anybody know when the next season will be airing?
spoiler end

I read other people's comments on the episodes and I couldn't resist the urge to click on the spoilers... Damn.

Anyway, I think Ai Yazawa's character's are somehow very similar to my character. In Paradise Kiss, Caroline was a high school student who has no dream of her own and didn't know what she wanted for herself. I'm exactly like that too. In NANA, Hachi is very undecisive, naive, easily swayed and she is too.... timid? I'm like that.
Oh no... i must change! Is frightening to see people in the forums dissing hachi so much. Maybe because i'm at the tender young age of 17 with no actual life experience other than knowing how to study?

Anyway, today I went out with xia xun and yen kaye (i spend too much time with them... i'm being influence heavily by them!! (and oh no... they have started appearing with alarming frequency in my dreams!!)) We went to starbucks and redeemed our FREE coffee (ummm... how we got it is a very long winded story) Then, Yen Kaye's sis joined us. So after a while we went to 1 Utama (padini is having sales!!! But they are quite expensive still) and ate cacat japanese food. The Karamen mee is very oily. It felt like eating thick noodles with sambal and lots and lots of oil. AND FREAKING HELL, I PAID RM13.23 FOR IT!!! Never go eat at the Japanese restaurant near Kluang Station in 1Utama. Let the shop gulung tikar!
After that i started feeling pretty sick. I had a migraine and was yawning very often. I think it was the adverse effect of the coffee i drank. Then, we head back to Subang only to land ourself in McD drivethru. There, we didn't study but instead played Sudoku. I still suck at it no matter how many i try! I nearly completed my puzzle but it was too tough for me. Then, we went to Subang Parade to have dinner.

By then, I feel quite nauseous. Haha... luckly i managed to suck it in until i reached home. I crashed and slept for 2 hours straight. Somehow the symptoms got worse (due to the fact that i haven't ate my dinner) and i got tummy ache too. So my symptoms were:
1) migraine (my eyes were soooo painful too.. it was like somebody was trying to squeeze them out from inside my head)
2) tummy ache
3) nausea
4) heart palpitation (definately from the coffee)

What a day. Now i have insomia thanks to NANA