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me being perasan.
11:56 am
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I cannot tahan... I'm a confessed internet-addict. I cannot do wihout internet for a week or not i will be really grumpy and foul tempered..
Anyway, I googled my name (cause i'm perasan... kuahahhahaha) And i found really interesting stuff... I found janice's blog and i found yi wen's blog (kuahahahahha) I also found out that my name, "sook cheng" seems to be pretty famous. As a "sook cheng" i'm a doctor, a SAM merit recipeint (hahhaa... what were the odds cause i'm planning to study SAM and become a doctor(i think...)) a kind interviewer, girlfriends of many, a famous blogger from Singapore, a BRANDS contest winner. LIM sook cheng seems to be a pretty popular name too.

Anyway, watched DEXTER, a new series by Showtime. It's about a psychotic killer disguised as a normal man with a job working as a blood splatter technician with the police. Oh, and did i mention he has an obssesion about blood? (ooo... very good)
Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars... It's really addictive and fun to watch.
GO WATCH IT NOW! (but i don't think it'll ever reach Malaysian shores since there is too much foul language in it)

Damn scholarship.... Why can't Taylors make us check a database (like NS) to see if we have been shortlisted. By giving us vague lines("we will contact you if you are shortlisted) i really only be more anxious day by day. If they never contact me, i'l be in denial and think that i may have missed their call, or maybe i accidentally gave them the wrong number.... argh... waiting ain't fun