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strange as it seems but...
1:20 pm
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i've never really liked someone before.

Hmmmm.... maybe not that strange after all if i think about it long and hard. But I just feel like the oddball. But then again, many of my friends are not the boyfriend sort of type.

Am I contradicting myself too much?

Anyway, what i mean is that whenever me and my friends play truth or dare (or spin the bottle, whatever you call it) the most popular question is:
"Who do you like?" (hahha... and the others will quickly add in (no family members,must be from opposite sex (or perhaps must the like the "head over heels kind of feeling" blah blah blah)
I usually say nobody. But of course nobody sounds like such an impossible answer to them. Then they would try to force it out of me until 10 minutes later they decide to go on with the game.
My friends usually try to escape the question too... But it's quite easy to tell if they are lying or not. They would hesitate a little before giving their answer (haha... one even blushes so there's no way she will ever suceed in lying!)
I've never been attracted to anybody. Maybe I have but can't identify it cause movies seem to have distorted my definition of love. To me, if you like somebody you should:
1) think of that person 24-7
2) cannot stand being apart from him/her
3) just feel contented by staring at him/her
4) hmm... willingly accept anything he/her gives (eventhough it's a super crappy present)

So far I've never experince these sort of feelings before. And I'm supposed to be a teenager with hormones raging out of control, and a never dying curiosity! Am I normal? Even the most serious looking person has a crush on a movie star/friend/singer/blah blah blah.
Hahaha... maybe I will end up being a spinster one day (or she-bachelor! (bachelor sounds so much cooler than spinster))
Then I'll have more money to spend for myself. And time and energy(wahahahahaha)
Cheers to being single!!! (although i really should be thinking about SPM now)