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3:05 pm
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Yay! Finally got new specs! The old one is so battered I really wish i will not need to use them any more!
Got a new haircut too. Not really what i envisioned but i guess it's ok. If only my hair doesn't frizz up all the time! I had to comb and wet my hair to avoid looking like i'm having a mullet. Yeesh... my hair is still damaged. Not only it has split ends, it tangles up really really quick, breaks easily, curved and twisted into every shape and most of them are wavy and uneven. God... a month of no condiotioner and look what happens! Maybe it's because of the exam fever too (not enough sleep, stress and consuming loads of unhealthy food)
Anyway, this is how i look now: (not much difference i know...)

(dang pimple on my cheek... )

Marks have been pouring in day by day and my marks have either not improve or have improve slightly. I guess it's all right for last minute studying.

Have to study soon for SPM too. PMR-ers are sitting for their exam next week already. This is all very nerve wreaking for the form 5's since we know it'll soon be us to go into the Halls of Doom!
I hope we get to be in a class but i guess not.