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The Devil Wears Prada
11:07 am
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I just watched the film a few hours ago and I must say, the film is quite entertaining! I especially love the clothes in it. The storyline however is abit cliched (evil boss, pityful worker, pityful worker rebels, happy ending) I have yet to read the orginal book (which was on the New York's bestseller list for 6 months!) but I've heard it's much more boring than the movie.
The clothing in the movie is sooo beautiful! I especially love the dress Andy was wearing when she finally decided to quit her job. The assemble she wore the when she went to Miranda's house was also great! (the part where Miranda told her that she's going to Paris!)
I would now shamelessly show you all the nice dresses/clothing i would love to own (hahahaha)
Oh, photos are of course stolen off the net

These two dresses are amazing! I personally love the one on the right (the gray one) But it is a bit too flamboyant to wear that anywhere around here (hmmm.... maybe as a wedding gown)

lol... later found out that dress i like must have also pleased Kyra Sedgwick since she wore it to the Emmys

These 2 dresses are from versace (i think) I like dresses which ends just above the knee. Then it means that the dress can be worn anywhere!! (very versatile..hehe)
The white dress to the left isn't as nice as the brown one. I like the bow... very cute

Both dresses are alright but I prefer the one on the left.. Stripes doesn't please me that much. The bag on the hip looks wonderful. I like neutral colours i guess

If I have to choose one dress from this page, I would choose the green polka dot one! It looks so nice! But maybe that's because the model wearing it is beautiful and slender. It'll probably look horrendous on me.

White! The one on the left looks gorgeous. It looks quite simple to make too. But the material would probably kill me.

Bags.....From where i downloaded the image from, they were referring to these as "school bags" OMG... my schoolbag is a frumpy, worned out looking backpack. These bags looks like they are only used by celebrities or models. My god.... if i were to use these as school bags, people would think i'm crazy

I'm too lazy to post more photos (not to mention i have a killer headache) Anyway, prom night is coming and i'm still undecided if i should go or not. Most of my classmates are going but most of my friends (the one which i'm with since form 1) are more keen on NOT going...
Awww.... prom is such a great excuse to wear nice clothes and put on makeup. But the ticket price is probably way too much (and i have to buy a dress, get make up done, etc). Most probably will be hanging out with my friends then