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A Blue post
11:45 am
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The day everybody awaited finally was here.
Exam is finally over.
And I caught a dose of the blues ;(

I catch it whenever there is a birthday around the corner. My friend, yen kaye's bday is on this saturday. I feel down cause it reminds me of my own birthday. I'm not supposed to be sad. I feel so ungrateful. Maybe i am cause i wish i can actually know how much people care about me.

I care about my friends. Since I'm not an expressive person, i show them my care whenever it's their birthday. I think about what to give them, what would be the best present, and i they would like it. Apart from a few special friends, I few that the others are just there with me because they want something for me or because I'm quite pityful looking, being all alone, nobody to talk with.

My birthday was a simple affair. My class friends brought a cake shared with 10+ ppl cause i was sharing the cake with 2 other people. It was a very fast ceremony, cut the cake, eat, leave. So that was my birthday celebration. Sometimes I wonder, if the cake was exclusively for me alone, would they have gotten enough people to cover their expenses for the cake?

2 friends brought me out too. It was a simple affair too. We went to the movies on dutch. Ate lunch dutch and finally when we were going to have dinner, they asked me to choose my own birthday present. I hate to say it but that is like shuffing a RM30 in an envelope. Plus one of my friends kept saying that he got no more money. In the end, hahahahaha, i got a cup of apple juice for my birthday present.

Family pretty much never celebrated any birthdays at all. They have never celebrated mine so I gave up hope on that years ago. Now, I don't expect very much from my family. I prefer not to bother hoping too. Getting all A's? What's the big deal. My brother has done it before. My sister has done it before. So now it's my obligation to be doing it too.

Happy Birthday to Yen Kaye...