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Siao Chen's bday
8:28 am
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Well... it was on the 17th of August but I have a good reason for celebrating so late for her! First is that her grandfather just died so it would be inappropriate to celebrate so early and second, she didn't come to school on her birthday! (and the next week we had a 1 week holiday)
So me and her friends are gonna celebrate it tomorrow!
We got her a bag and i think we're gonna get her an oreo cheesecake for tomorrow too. The problem is where to store the cheesecake? Hmm... most ppl who celebrate bdays in school i think hides it in the catering room. But i've no idea how they do it since you would have to have "connections" in order to store it there. But worse come to worse, I'll put it in the koperasi fridge. Which reminds me..... do i have enough storage space in my own fridge? If tak ada then matilah.
Must remember to phone Hui Xian and ask if she's coming tomorrow too.

Merdeka celebrations have goen full blast in my class and bakti's. Everybody so semangat to decorate the class so we can win RM150 (which isn't much at all!!! since the flags and everything would come up to about RM100) I think it's kinda wasting money if we don't win. Whylah they so semangated? I do not see the point.
Another thing is that, some bozos in my class left 5 flags in the class just before the holidays. Now they are all missing. And none of the ppl wants to ganti the missing flags eventhough it's their fault. Gah....

Trials is next week and i'm not prepares for it at all. All the scince subjects i haven't study and accounts will be hell. I hate physics so much now T_T