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7:19 pm
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I've been trying to sleep for the past hour without any luck. It's now 2:16 am and i'll be in school in another 5 hours. Hooray....
So, to pass time and make myself sleepy, i'll write down my thoughts from the last hour.
1. Birthday gift ideas.
I suddenly thought of gift ideas for my friends. However, most of it can't be done due to financial constrains. Anyway...
If you're giving a bag, you can always add in embelishment to personalise the bag. For example, you can add in some keychains, badges etc for the receiver to decorate his/her bag. If he/she is artistic enough, you can get a plain canvas bag and add in a packet of permanent markers (sharpies are good)

Another idea is that if you are with a tight budget, you can ask your friends to share money and get something. Another option is to ask each of your friends to buy something under RM10 (or more, depending on the budget) and put everything in a nice gift box. At the bottom of the box you can stick a card with every friends' msg to the receiver. You can put in
b) photo frame
c) candles
d) hair bands
e) stationaries
anything under the sky actually
This is best for a farewell present or a bday gift to girls or tweens

Another is you can surprise your friend by treating her the whole day. Plan the day carefully and not let her know where you're taking her.

For my sister's bday, which is on 23rd September, I would love to get her the top from PDI (the one which she adores) and a Swatch watch (cause she wanted a durable long-lasting watch) But... i pokai already

Sigh.. i still don't feel sleepy