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yay! new skin!!
12:02 pm
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i curi (stole) this from drogue designs! Found their skin here:
I just changed the heading from theothereden to my blog's name!
But i didn't erase their copyright stuff...


I wonder if i still have to send them a letter of permission for using their designs?

Anyway, mighht create my own blog skin when i'm free. Kind of easy if you start with the basic template.

Didn't go to school on Monday which was good also since hardly anybody came that day (xx told me) But found out i was to join a Kuiz Kimia representing the school next next Monday. Which means i have to study like crazy since i'll be joining forces with 2 super intelligent girls (Steph and evonne) Hopefully we don't lose because of me...
Also found out I'm actually allergic to caffeine (and i blamed sleepless nights for my aching muscles and drowsiness (but they most probably had something to do with what i'm experiencing now)) Whenever i drink coffee...
  • my hands and feet become extra cold

  • i feel lightheaded

  • have aching muscle

  • feel jittery

  • my hands can sometimes shake

  • occasionally get palpitations

  • feel slightly nauseated

I read somewhere on the net that if you have caffeine allergy, you can actually get hallucinations and anxiety attacks. Drinking too much coffee when you have this condition also can actually damage your brain. So i must stay away from coffee. The only problem is that i like the taste of coffee. And i was actually planning to work in Starbucks (at least once). Dang... all those dreams of drinking free coffee shuffled down the drain!!
Oh yeah... i just had a cup of mocha, so please excuse my typo errors and gramatical errors cause i can't really concentrate and my hands feel weird...