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The things about friendster
2:14 am
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Since friendster became hip and popular mainly among individuals with loveless lives, the objective of the website has somewhat been twisted by a bunch of people. The "collector"s (haha... reminded me about the tv series) No, this "collector" doesn't collects ppl's souls but they collect testimonials and friends.

Sounds familiar? (for those of you who has a friendster account, chances are you've already met this sort of ppl)

The main objective of the website (i believe) was to bond more people together by introducing them to 3rd degree friends, 2nd degree friends and so on. Now, most people go round and invite complete strangers with messages like " PUHLEASE ADD ME!!!! I want to be the first one with 50000 friends!!!!!!"
And why the hell does he/she need 50000 online friends when she doesn't even bother to contact at least half of the contacts she got?
Testimonial collectors are somewhat the same xcept they change their message to let say:
" PUHLEASE TESTI ME!!!! I want to be the first one with 50000 testimonials!!!!!!"


I wonder if they brag to their friends about having [insert amount] testimonials/contacts? Do they actually feel a sense of acheivement after that?
Although it may be sad to have an active account and with little more than 5 friends and a few testimonials, people shouldn't make it a piority to invite complete strangers just to achieve their "target"

I'm ranting too long.... (getting a bit hormonal on the side) Just felt the need to rant after a rough day